Vehicle Type: Pony Buckboard

Late 1800’s/early 1900’s Dark brown and cream pin-strip­ping. Tan bed­ford cord fab­ric on the seat and back­rest. Awe­some ride with Shuler springs. Pris­tine show con­di­tion! Includes shafts and a pole.

Horse Size: Pony

Seat Height: 40″

Dash Height: 42″

Wheel Type: Wood with steel tires

Wheel Height: 30″ (front) 34″ (rear)

Shaft Length: 66″

Con­di­tion: Like new

Ask­ing Price: $6500 Reduced: $4500!


Vehicle Type: Walburn and Ryker Back to Back Trap

Horse Size: Pony

Dash Height: 43″

Seat Height: 40″

Shaft Length: 64″

Wheel Height: 26″ (front)/ 34″ (back)

Wheel Type: Wooden

Con­di­tion: Good

Ask­ing Price: $3500

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Vehicle Type: Runabout

Horse Size: Pony

Width: 59″

Seat Height: 35″

Dash Height: 41″

Wheel Type: Wooden

Wheel Height: 32″ (front)/ 36″ (back)

Shaft Length: 57″

Con­di­tion: Unre­stored antique

Ask­ing Price: $1200 Reduced: $500!