Coson Carriage Collection
by Tom Ryder
Presentation of a spectacular private collection: twowheelers to coaches, buggies, stagecoaches, and sleighs.
Softcover in hard slip cover, 176 pages, color.

Hitch Wagons for City Driving
compiled by the CMA Library
Profusely illustrated book with all kinds of horse-drawn commercial wagons used for deliveries.
Softcover, 393 pages, b/w.

Horse-Drawn Carriages & Sleighs: Elegant vehicles from New England and New Brunswick
by Richard Wilbur and Peter Dickinson
This book describes and illustrates more than fifty “elegant vehicles from New England and New Brunswick.”
Softcover, 72 pages, color.

Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles
by Don Berkebile
Focuses on how a vehicle’s served its specific purposes
and needs. Softcover, 160 pages, b/w.

Horse-Drawn Mail Vehicles
by James H. Bruns
This pictorial scrapbook is divided into three sections: overland vehicles, urban postal vehicles, and rural freedelivery vehicles.
Softcover, 72 pages, b/w.

Horse-Drawn Military, Civilian, Veterinary Ambulances
compiled by the CMA Library
Covers a variety of topics related to horse-drawn ambulances: horses, ambulances, and military history.
Softcover, 370 pages, b/w.

Plain Buggies
by Stephen Scott
Accessible in style, this book presents the most complete work on the transportation modes of the “plain people” published to date. Includes details on prices, styles, laws, and stories.
Softcover, 96 pages, b/w.

Building & Restoring

Conservation and Restoration of Horse-drawn Vehicles
by the CMA Library
This classic contains detailed information on the correct way to preserve a horse-drawn vehicle, and a list of resources.
Softcover, 230 pages, b/w.

Wheelmaking: Wooden Wheel Design and Construction
compiled by the CMA Library
A compilation of articles on wheelmaking, from 19thcent.
trade journals. Softcover, 245 pages, b/w.

Driving & Training

Breaking a Horse to Harness
by Sallie Walrond
Step-by-step guide, complemented by many photos.
Hardcover, 136 pages, b/w.

Carriage Turnouts
published by the CAA
This booklet combines the original text and images from the CAA’s classic Carriage Turnouts and Appointments book with nearly all the images from the CAA’s Carriage Identification Chart.
Softcover, 72 pages, b/w.

Competition Carriage Driving (1982)
by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
Covers history, training, preparing for competition, equipment, various breeds, and event management.
Hardcover, 110 pages, b/w.

Drive Smartly … Drive Safely
published by the CAA
Causes and avoidance of accidents.
Softcover, 16 pages, b/w.

Driving a Harness Horse
by Sallie Walrond
A step-by-step guide.This book was produced as a stable-mate to the author’s Breaking a Horse to Harness.
Hardcover, 192 pages, color & b/w.

Driving and Judging Dressage
by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
Designed to help beginners.
Softcover, 63 pages, color and b/w.

Driving a Tandem
by Paul Doliveux
Elegant turnout requires special harness and a different driving technique. This book also covers tandem driving, competition, and showing.
Hardcover, 153 pages, color and b/w.

Driving Do’s and Don’ts
by Sallie Walrond
Commonsense advice on a wide range of topics.
Softcover, 24 pages, color.

Driving Questions Answered
by Sallie Walrond
More commonsense advice and solutions to common problems, in addition to correct fit for both horse and driver.
Softcover, 24 pages, color.

Essential Guide to Carriage Driving
by Robyn Cuffey & Jaye-Allison Winkel
A practical guide to the sport of carriage driving.
Softcover, 147 pages, b/w.

Judging Carriage Driving
by Sallie Walrond
The author explains the judging of every conceivable class, including carts, coaches, donkeys, junior whips, disabled drivers, and horse driving trials. The judging systems of the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and England are covered.
Softcover, 118 pages, b/w.

Putting-To a Pair
by Caroline Douglas & Sophie Adkins
A detailed guide to the most efficient method of harnessing and putting-to a pair safely, correctly.
Softcover, 24 pages, color.


Understanding Harness
by Barb Lee
This book covers the fundamentals of harness, balanced draft, mechanics of collars, collar/vehicle combinations, and turnout.
Softcover, 55 pages, b/w.


The Royal Mews
by Mary Stewart-Wilson
A behind-the-scenes account of the carriages, horses, harness, livery, and cars of the Royal Mews, Buckingham
Palace. Hardcover, 192 pages, b/w.

All About Long Reining
The Allen Photographic Series
Covers the equipment used, describes rein handling and basic technique, and progresses to improving the horse’s balance.
24 pages, Softcover, color.

Making Model Horse-Drawn Vehicles
Author: John Thompson
3rd edition, includes choice of materials, tools, fittings, structure of a wheel, sources. Excellent resource.
96 pages, b/w illustrations and photographs, softcover

American Horse-drawn Vehicles
Author: Jack D. Rittenhouse