Coson Car­riage Col­lec­tion
by Tom Ryder
Pre­sen­ta­tion of a spec­tac­u­lar pri­vate col­lec­tion: twowheel­ers to coach­es, bug­gies, stage­coach­es, and sleighs.
Soft­cov­er in hard slip cov­er, 176 pages, col­or.

Hitch Wag­ons for City Dri­ving
com­piled by the CMA Library
Pro­fuse­ly illus­trat­ed book with all kinds of horse-drawn com­mer­cial wag­ons used for deliv­er­ies.
Soft­cov­er, 393 pages, b/w.

Horse-Drawn Car­riages & Sleighs: Ele­gant vehi­cles from New Eng­land and New Brunswick
by Richard Wilbur and Peter Dick­in­son
This book describes and illus­trates more than fifty “ele­gant vehi­cles from New Eng­land and New Brunswick.”
Soft­cov­er, 72 pages, col­or.

Horse-Drawn Com­mer­cial Vehi­cles
by Don Berke­bile
Focus­es on how a vehicle’s served its spe­cif­ic pur­pos­es
and needs. Soft­cov­er, 160 pages, b/w.

Horse-Drawn Mail Vehi­cles
by James H. Bruns
This pic­to­r­i­al scrap­book is divid­ed into three sec­tions: over­land vehi­cles, urban postal vehi­cles, and rur­al freede­liv­ery vehi­cles.
Soft­cov­er, 72 pages, b/w.

Horse-Drawn Mil­i­tary, Civil­ian, Vet­eri­nary Ambu­lances
com­piled by the CMA Library
Cov­ers a vari­ety of top­ics relat­ed to horse-drawn ambu­lances: hors­es, ambu­lances, and mil­i­tary his­to­ry.
Soft­cov­er, 370 pages, b/w.

Plain Bug­gies
by Stephen Scott
Acces­si­ble in style, this book presents the most com­plete work on the trans­porta­tion modes of the “plain peo­ple” pub­lished to date. Includes details on prices, styles, laws, and sto­ries.
Soft­cov­er, 96 pages, b/w.

Building & Restoring

Con­ser­va­tion and Restora­tion of Horse-drawn Vehi­cles
by the CMA Library
This clas­sic con­tains detailed infor­ma­tion on the cor­rect way to pre­serve a horse-drawn vehi­cle, and a list of resources.
Soft­cov­er, 230 pages, b/w.

Wheel­mak­ing: Wood­en Wheel Design and Con­struc­tion
com­piled by the CMA Library
A com­pi­la­tion of arti­cles on wheel­mak­ing, from 19thcent.
trade jour­nals. Soft­cov­er, 245 pages, b/w.

Driving & Training

Break­ing a Horse to Har­ness
by Sal­lie Wal­rond
Step-by-step guide, com­ple­ment­ed by many pho­tos.
Hard­cov­er, 136 pages, b/w.

Car­riage Turnouts
pub­lished by the CAA
This book­let com­bines the orig­i­nal text and images from the CAA’s clas­sic Car­riage Turnouts and Appoint­ments book with near­ly all the images from the CAA’s Car­riage Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion Chart.
Soft­cov­er, 72 pages, b/w.

Com­pe­ti­tion Car­riage Dri­ving (1982)
by HRH The Duke of Edin­burgh
Cov­ers his­to­ry, train­ing, prepar­ing for com­pe­ti­tion, equip­ment, var­i­ous breeds, and event man­age­ment.
Hard­cov­er, 110 pages, b/w.

Dri­ve Smart­ly … Dri­ve Safe­ly
pub­lished by the CAA
Caus­es and avoid­ance of acci­dents.
Soft­cov­er, 16 pages, b/w.

Dri­ving a Har­ness Horse
by Sal­lie Wal­rond
A step-by-step guide.This book was pro­duced as a sta­ble-mate to the author’s Break­ing a Horse to Har­ness.
Hard­cov­er, 192 pages, col­or & b/w.

Dri­ving and Judg­ing Dres­sage
by HRH The Duke of Edin­burgh
Designed to help begin­ners.
Soft­cov­er, 63 pages, col­or and b/w.

Dri­ving a Tan­dem
by Paul Doliveux
Ele­gant turnout requires spe­cial har­ness and a dif­fer­ent dri­ving tech­nique. This book also cov­ers tan­dem dri­ving, com­pe­ti­tion, and show­ing.
Hard­cov­er, 153 pages, col­or and b/w.

Dri­ving Do’s and Don’ts
by Sal­lie Wal­rond
Com­mon­sense advice on a wide range of top­ics.
Soft­cov­er, 24 pages, col­or.

Dri­ving Ques­tions Answered
by Sal­lie Wal­rond
More com­mon­sense advice and solu­tions to com­mon prob­lems, in addi­tion to cor­rect fit for both horse and dri­ver.
Soft­cov­er, 24 pages, col­or.

Essen­tial Guide to Car­riage Dri­ving
by Robyn Cuf­fey & Jaye-Alli­son Winkel
A prac­ti­cal guide to the sport of car­riage dri­ving.
Soft­cov­er, 147 pages, b/w.

Judg­ing Car­riage Dri­ving
by Sal­lie Wal­rond
The author explains the judg­ing of every con­ceiv­able class, includ­ing carts, coach­es, don­keys, junior whips, dis­abled dri­vers, and horse dri­ving tri­als. The judg­ing sys­tems of the USA, Aus­tralia, New Zealand, and Eng­land are cov­ered.
Soft­cov­er, 118 pages, b/w.

Putting-To a Pair
by Car­o­line Dou­glas & Sophie Adkins
A detailed guide to the most effi­cient method of har­ness­ing and putting-to a pair safe­ly, cor­rect­ly.
Soft­cov­er, 24 pages, col­or.


Under­stand­ing Har­ness
by Barb Lee
This book cov­ers the fun­da­men­tals of har­ness, bal­anced draft, mechan­ics of col­lars, collar/vehicle com­bi­na­tions, and turnout.
Soft­cov­er, 55 pages, b/w.


The Roy­al Mews
by Mary Stew­art-Wil­son
A behind-the-scenes account of the car­riages, hors­es, har­ness, liv­ery, and cars of the Roy­al Mews, Buck­ing­ham
Palace. Hard­cov­er, 192 pages, b/w.

All About Long Rein­ing
The Allen Pho­to­graph­ic Series
Cov­ers the equip­ment used, describes rein han­dling and basic tech­nique, and pro­gress­es to improv­ing the horse’s bal­ance.
24 pages, Soft­cov­er, col­or.

Mak­ing Mod­el Horse-Drawn Vehi­cles
Author: John Thomp­son
3rd edi­tion, includes choice of mate­ri­als, tools, fit­tings, struc­ture of a wheel, sources. Excel­lent resource.
96 pages, b/w illus­tra­tions and pho­tographs, soft­cov­er

Amer­i­can Horse-drawn Vehi­cles
Author: Jack D. Rit­ten­house